Shelley Kay, Author

Shelley with her original 30 X 40 painting of Venice (painted as a commission).

About Shelley

Shelley's been artistic and creative for as long as she can remember, whether it was making her own hand painted t-shirts, painting murals on her walls growing up, decorating toy boxes, making decorative art for her family, or decorating cakes and cupcakes for friends.

For the last 24 years, her creative side has helped her build a successful business as a web designer (Web Crafters), which has given her the freedom to pursue her passions, which include travel and painting. Shelley and her partner travelled full time before the pandemic, which allowed them to see more of the world and explore new places. And although Shelley has settled back into her hometown of Houston, TX, she continues to travel as much as possible.

You'll see her love of travel and nature (as well as animals) reflected in her paintings. Her happy place is getting lost in her creative brain for hours on end and she hopes that joy shines through in her paintings!