Gallery - Acrylic Paintings

Shelley loves painting with Acrylics because of the flexibility in creating different styles. Since Acrylics are water based, you can achieve a variety of looks from watercolor to traditional oil style paintings along with what Shelley considers "acrylic style". Her favorite themes to paint are derived from travel and her love of nature.


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Sunset at the Marina - 16X16 Stretched Canvas - SOLD Venice Canal Commission - 24X30 Stretched Canvas - SOLD Raining Hearts in Venice - 16X16 Stretched Canvas - AVAILABLE FOR SALE Surfing the Waves - 16X16 Stretched Canvas - AVAILABLE FOR SALE Puffins on the Cliffs in Scotland - 11X14 Canvas Sheet - GIFTED Garden Delights - 12X12 Stretched Canvas - AVAILABLE FOR SALE Snow Cabin at Christmas - 11X14 Canvas Sheet - AVAILABLE FOR SALE


Shelley painted this series during the pandemic, which was born out of the claustrophobia of COVID and the feeling she gets when she sees things in nature that make her feel like she can escape life and breathe.

A few notes about the paintings.

Upon finishing painting #3, Sunshine, Shelley had a memory of a teacher in 4th grade who was very pretty and played Sunshine on my Shoulders on the guitar. She died in a car accident. Shelley didn't remember this memory until the painting was complete.

Painting #6 has a story. Meet Chase. Both of the photos used in this painting are his - a photo Chase took of the sky and a selfie that he took. The inspiration came to combine his 2 photos into a painting for the Breathe series because Chase has cystic fibrosis and "Just Breathe" is part of his tattoo collection. Despite having CF, Chase has the most positive attitude and it's really amazing to watch his life unfold. He is creative, inspiring and a walking work of art! The painting doesn't do justice to his tattoos as they are very colorful, but Shelley wanted the colors of his sky photo to stand out, so she decided to paint Chase in sepia tones. This painting was given as a gift to Chase.

Breathe Series #1: Lone Kayaker - SOLD Breathe Series #2: Sailing Away - SOLD Breathe Series #3: Sunshine - SOLD Breathe Series #4: Tranquilty by the Sea - AVAILABLE FOR SALE Breathe Series #5: Floating - AVAILABLE FOR SALE Breathe Series #6: Chase - A GIFT, NOT FOR SALE

What's Next?

Shelley's next big trip will be to London, driving through the English countryside (with a quick dip into Wales) and a Norwegian Fjords cruise. This is Shelley's first big trip since the pandemic and she's excited to get a jump on this series, so look for paintings featuring her first stop - London!

Shelley's also currently obsessed with two beauties of nature: water and trees. Look for new paintings exploring these two themes and the feelings they bring: peace, quiet, calm, reflection, escape, solitude, gratitude and wonder.